Business Analysis

Aug 3 2020

How COVID-19 Will Shift Business and Consumer Behavior and Attitudes

The COVID-19 pandemic and its economic fallout drastically changed Americans’ attitudes and behavior at home and at work. Business and consumer practices have shifted substantially under COVID-19 as people and businesses adapt to a socially-distanced world. Origin Ventures attempted to gauge the impact of the pandemic and economic fallout on businesses and consumers and see which changes were likely to persist, and which would fall back to “business as usual.” ...
Jun 24 2020

B2B Sales Amid COVID: Building from the Bottom Up

The past months have changed the way we live, work, and play. Companies of all sizes, including those in Origin Ventures’ portfolio, are re-assessing their internal processes. The focus on capital efficiency shifts the focus from rapid sales growth to sustainable sales. Now is a good time to redesign go-to-market strategy in the increasingly competitive SaaS market. Shake up the sales team, focus on customer personas, redefine territories, or build ...
Apr 30 2020

Revenue Elasticity of Burn – Learnings from a Crisis

Startups are adjusting “burn,” or the net amount of spending in a given month, as they stare down the COVID-19 crisis, and they may want to reflect on what the marginal spending they are now cutting was achieving. A high-growth, strong LTV:CAC, fast payback startup can mask lots of inefficient spend. This crisis is exposing some of that existing bloat as companies are adjusting burn in real-time. “Wait, we didn’t ...
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