Apr 30 2020

Revenue Elasticity of Burn – Learnings from a Crisis

Startups are adjusting “burn,” or the net amount of spending in a given month, as they stare down the COVID-19 crisis, and they may want to reflect on what the marginal spending they are now cutting was achieving. A high-growth, strong LTV:CAC, fast payback startup can mask lots of inefficient spend. This crisis is exposing some of that existing bloat as companies are adjusting burn in real-time. “Wait, we didn’t ...
Jun 7 2017

Blue Apron Food, for Thought

As investors across a variety of food service related companies (Tovala, Tock, and GrubHub), we at Origin Ventures are constantly looking to further our understanding of this trillion dollar segment of the US economy. We are also avid eaters ourselves, so whether it is fine dining (Tock), on the go (GrubHub), or at home (Tovala), the future of this industry isn’t just financial, it’s personal as well. That’s why we ...
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