Chicago, IL., June 18, 2013 — Finding the best local service provider in your neighborhood is about to get easier, thanks to Chicago‐based Whittl.

Formerly known as MyServista, the company allows consumers to quickly shop for services near them – from dog walking, to yoga classes, to eye examinations. Users can narrow search results by comparing customer ratings; setting location parameters, or specifying hours of availability. And Whittl will soon offer the convenience of online transactions directly with the service provider.

Led by co‐founders Mike Zivin (CEO) and Hemant Kashyap (COO), Whittl was born from their shared vision that finding accurate and complete information on local services and booking online should be easy.

“I needed an eye exam and simply got tired of reading useless reviews and still not knowing where to go or how much it would cost; I knew I had to change that,” said Zivin.

To help launch Whittl to consumers and merchants, the company recently raised $1.3M in its first venture capital funding. The investment was led by Chicago‐based Origin Ventures, and includes OCA Ventures, Amicus Capital and other strategic angel investors.

The founding team has deep expertise in local commerce. Zivin and Kashyap are joined on the Board of Directors by Mike Evans, co‐founder of online food ordering portal Grubhub; Brent Hill, a partner at Origin Ventures who was previously at Twitter and Google; and Jason Heltzer, a partner at OCA Ventures.

“Whittl has a unique approach to the untapped local services space,” Hill said. “They’ve managed to aggregate data about millions of local service providers, including prices, and will combine it with the convenience of online booking.” Whittl offers local businesses a way to connect with consumers, without offering enormous discounts or expensive advertising. “We’ll be working with merchants to bring them new and repeat customers,” said Kashyap. “We expect that Whittl will be another important piece of their online identity.”

While the company already offers a comprehensive directory of services in urban markets, more great features are on the way. “We will soon be adding social recommendations, appointment booking, and a mobile app,” said Zivin.

About Whittl: Whittl makes it easy to find, compare and interact with local service providers. Consumers can what find what they need with a comprehensive list and price menu of neighborhood businesses ‐ beauty, fitness, auto, home, pets and much more. Launched in 2012, Whittl is headquartered in Chicago.

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