Project Description


Life becomes a lot simpler when Tovala does your home cooking

Tovala is a smart oven and food-delivery plan that work together so you can enjoy home cooking at the touch of a single button. Just scan your meal’s barcode and press start, and in 10 to 30 minutes your meal comes out freshly cooked and ready to eat.

The Tovala steams, bakes, broils, and convection heats just like combination ovens that professional chefs rely on. The delicious Tovala Meals are curated by master chefs, made from scratch, and delivered fresh to your doorstep. 

Customers can utilize all of the Tovala’s capabilities with the Tovala mobile app. It allows them to program single or multi-step cooking routines, giving them the control and allowing them to cook their own meals.

Tovala was created so that no one has to compromise between living well and eating well. Because a full life means a full schedule, and living well should include eating well.


Chicago, IL


David Rabie



Investment Date

December 2015