In 2015, David Rabie and Bryan Wilcox founded Tovala on a simple premise; busy people want an effortless way to eat delicious, healthy home-cooked meals. By combining an internet-connected steam oven with meals prepared by gourmet chefs, dinner is as easy as scanning a barcode. Based in Chicago, IL, Tovala won the New Venture Challenge at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business in May 2015, completed Y Combinator in March 2016, and began shipping across the U.S. in May 2017. At launch, The Wall Street Journal said: “Tovala turns out super-fast, consistent restaurant-quality meals, making it the first connected kitchen device with real mass appeal.”

Here’s how it works: chefs design recipes and custom multi-step cook cycles that combine the oven’s ability to steam, convection bake, and broil. Next, those recipes are uploaded to the cloud. Then, all the measuring, mixing, braising, chopping and prepping takes place at Tovala’s production facility. Fresh Tovala Meals are delivered to customers each week, ready to be cooked right away. After adding a sauce or sprinkling on a garnish, you simply scan the barcode on the meal’s packaging and press start on the Tovala Oven. Scanning a meal’s barcode calls down its custom cook cycle from the cloud. As food cooks in 20 minutes or less, the Tovala Oven cycles through steaming, convection baking, and broiling according to what each meal uniquely requires.

Customers choose how many meals they’d like delivered each week. In addition to Tovala Meals, customers can also cook their own ingredients with the Tovala Oven by programming their own recipes from the Tovala app or selecting from a growing list of Chef’s Recipes that includes dinner, breakfast, and kids’ meals.

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