Apptentive Build a brand your customers love Apptentive's technology provides companies with a dashboard to managing and building better mobile experiences. The Apptentive platform allows brands to proactively engage customers at the perfect moments in their experiences, and to make data-driven decisions on how to build [...]


DialogTech Calls Drive Revenue. DialogTech Drives Calls. Thanks to smartphones, consumers are calling businesses to engage in conversation at record rates throughout every stage of the customer journey. DialogTech is the market leader when it comes to drawing insight and well-organized analytics from these interactions. It has [...]


Ahalogy Influencer marketing leader Ahalogy is the market leader in trend-driven influencer, influencer content and social media marketing. Brands and agencies tap into Ahalogy to reach new audiences and find new usage occasions based on their target consumers’ interests. The platform delivers proven ROI through category trend [...]


Bound Witness the Power of Personalization Building a thoughtful personalization strategy requires a deep understanding of an audience. Bound has a bevy of connections via APIs and proprietary portals into a wide array of marketing platforms. This, along with Bound's proprietary personalization algorithms and database, allows the [...]

Windsor Circle

Windsor Circle Get More From Your Customers Through building a software platform based on its nine pillars of retention, Windsor Circle enables its clients to automate the retention of customers. The effects can be huge: Windsor Circle's software delivers an average 18x ROI, and a 20% year-over-year [...]

Archer Education

Archer Education Start and End your College Search Here There are dozens of factors that play into the college search. Archer Education tracks them all. Its web application has simplified what has been, in the past, a confusing and nebulous process by organizing data and schools [...]