At Origin Ventures, we provide venture capital and resources to ambitious founders. Since 1999, we have assisted companies like GrubHub from origin to exit.

We invest in technology startups across America from our offices in Chicago and Salt Lake City.

Concentrating on Seed and Series A investments, our typical first check size is $0.5M-$4M.


We look for companies in large, growing categories which have demonstrated product/market fit. We also back exceptional entrepreneurs in earlier stages who disrupt or create markets through unconventional, innovative approaches.

We are focused on the following industry sectors:

Our team is made up entirely of entrepreneurs, operators and engineers. 


We built technology and companies before embarking on extensive venture capital careers. This deep experience has informed every aspect of our decades as successful venture investors. The wisdom we have gained, combined with vast professional networks, give our portfolio companies an edge in dominating their sectors.

Our sector expertise and our track record of success set us apart.

Our candor, transparency, and desire for greatness align us with the founders with whom we partner. We approach every interaction with our company values in mind.

Together, we work towards one common goal: building high-growth, category-defining companies. These portfolio companies strive to solve pressing problems through innovation, hard work and the power of technology.

We are committed to maintaining inclusive and safe workplace environments, both at Origin Ventures and our portfolio companies. Our harassment policy details our commitment.

Meet OVeN.

In addition to capital, a dedicated team provides support for the Origin Ventures Network, our engaged community of portfolio companies.  We provide ongoing resources and tools to help founders navigate the common challenges facing early-stage companies.

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