Origin Ventures Promotes Jacquie Marshall Siegmund to Principal

  • April 19, 2022
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Prashant is persistent.

But this time, he was unusually persistent about hiring an intern at a moment when our firm had an overwhelming number of other higher priorities. I was puzzled. Then I looked at the resume of the candidate: Princeton economics undergrad, banking at Goldman Sachs, growth and partnership roles at a scaling SaaS company, Stanford GSB, and a VC-backed founder herself. I then knew why Prashant insisted I meet with the candidate, Jacquie Marshall Seigmund, and I made the time to do so.  

I knew within the first five minutes of the interview that Jacquie was very talented and instinctively switched to sales mode. Within a couple of days, we quickly enlisted Jacquie to help out, and thank goodness we moved fast. Jacquie had networked her way to 80 meetings in Chicago in the course of a month.

After only two weeks of working with Jacquie, we knew we needed to make a permanent place for her on the Origin Ventures’ team. Her impact was clear, significant, and immediate. She joined us in early 2021. We are very glad we made that decision and grateful that Jacquie chose to join Origin Ventures over her alternative options. 

Since joining our team a little over a year ago, she’s sourced two outstanding portfolio companies where she represents Origin Ventures on the board: Vivrelle and ShopThing. She’s played critical roles with other investments including Prisidio, Lumanu, Hammoq, and a few unannounced deals. In a very short period of time, she’s demonstrated her ability to lead and be an incredible resource to founders. She’s also a great colleague, lives Origin Ventures’ values, and helps us make better investment decisions. 

I’ve worked with about 100 junior professionals in venture capital. Jacquie’s pace of learning, demonstrated ability, and pure instincts in this business are beyond her peers. It is why Origin Ventures is announcing her promotion to Principal. 

In her new role, she will continue to work with founders in technology-led consumer & e-commerce infrastructure businesses, particularly those within fashion and re-commerce. 

I’ll conclude by sharing the following quotes from founders that are emblematic of the impact Jacquie has had so far: 

“We would truly be lost without Jacquie. She is our right and left hand. She is personable, relatable, understanding, eager to help, genuine, the list goes on. She is a force to be reckoned with and we’re confident this won’t be the last blurb we’re writing about her successes!”

“Where does she find the time? Jacquie is omnipresent, offering support, advice, and encouragement at every turn. I am so glad we have her on our side.”

“Jacquie is really smart, asks great questions, provides solid feedback, and is great to work with. She’s quickly becoming a very strong and reliable resource for me and for the company.”

Read more about why Jacquie chose to join Origin Ventures in her original blogpost: Why I Joined Origin Ventures.

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