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B2B marketplace for brands to place products in short-term rentals at scale

Curated network of unique experiences offered for employee recognition and rewards

Chatbot that uses psychometric-based surveys to help frontline employees learn and develop

Everee is an intelligent payroll platform that provides payday flexibility to employees – including the next business day

B2B marketplace for used cars, offering selection, transportation, and financing for buyers and liquidity for sellers.

Cameo lets fans book personalized video shoutouts from their favorite people.

15Five is an innovative SaaS company in the continuous performance management category, built on quick weekly check-ins between employees and managers.

Life becomes a lot simpler when Tovala does your home cooking

Powering the world’s best restaurants

Pronto is a communication hub created for the everyday user. It connects people via chat and video, so they can learn faster, work smarter, and communicate seamlessly.

X-Mode is a location data brokerage that is building the infrastructure of tomorrow by understanding the places we go today.

Idelic is a data and analytics company focused on improving safety in the commercial/industrial transportation industry

Voxpopme is an enterprise software company that allows brands to capture video feedback to measure customer satisfaction and gather market research.

Fountain uses automation, machine learning, and customizable workflows to hire large hourly workforces in half the time.

Order Food you Love

Your Secret Weapon for a Better Workplace

The nation’s largest platform to share, shop, and sell kid style

Trala is an app that can teach anyone to play the violin using advanced signal processing and easy-to-follow tutorials

Enabling financial institutions to provide secure, mobile-first experiences for a variety of products.

Build a brand your customers love

Influencer marketing leader

Mighty brings people together around the most impactful work in your organization

Measured Insurance is a stealth mode company in the cyber insurance industry.

Calls Drive Revenue. DialogTech Drives Calls.

The global brand protection leader for combatting brand infringement, fraud, and piracy

Full-stack direct and social selling

Consumer-centric video advertising – Make authentic connections through video storytelling.

Change the way you borrow

Brand collaboration network

Gamer Sensei is the first mastery platform for competitive gamers who want to win more.

Curiosity Makes You Smarter

Witness the Power of Personalization

Get More From Your Customers

Start and End your College Search Here

The Marketing Intent Platform

Making retailers more money with intelligent promotions

The leading new-home builder referral network.

Data management platform built to eliminate the complexity of large, unstructured datasets in the hybrid-cloud era

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