The Video Advertising Journey – Our Investment in ViralGains

  • November 28, 2017
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Spending on digital video ads has continued to rocket forward. In 2017, an estimated $23.8B[note][/note] will be spent on video advertising worldwide, representing 82% growth over the same figure in 2015.

ViralGains online video advertisingWith click through rates on pre-roll ads at 0.4% (i.e., 1 click every 250 ads[note][/note]), marketers have accepted that video advertising is largely used for “building awareness,” and not “direct response.”

But what happens when brands employ better data for targeting, along with improved storytelling?

That’s the question Boston-based ViralGains is answering for a large and growing number of brands and agencies. ViralGains leverages improved targeting and the first “journey management platform” that essentially creates “if this, then that logic for advertisers, allowing them to create unique advertising stories using sight, sound, and motion.   

The results have been impressive. With engagement rates that are regularly 15-30x higher than average and outstanding head-to-head performance vs. other leading video ad platforms, the company has enjoyed high repeat advertiser rates and year-over-year revenue growth. ViralGains recently landed at #156 on the Deloitte “Fast 500” list for North American technology companies.

Origin Ventures was pleased to join First Analysis as an investor in the company’s most recent equity financing. We look forward to working with CEO Tod Loofbourrow and the experienced team at ViralGains as they continue to bring innovation to the fastest growing online advertising medium.

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