Coaching for ‘Reformers’ to ‘Peacemakers’, ‘Analysts’ to ‘Explorers’: Why We Invested in Cloverleaf

  • June 10, 2022
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We’ve all done it. You land at a new job or grad school, and you take a personality survey – maybe it’s Myers Briggs or DISC or Enneagram. 

You click through all the questions, get your results, and are amazed at just how accurately it really does describe your personality. Your colleague tells you about their results. You think… “this is super insightful, and I’m going to use these insights to be a better me and work better with her.” And then you never, ever think about it again!

Approximately $16B is spent each year within the personality survey market, and it’s expected to grow to $22B by the end of the decade. Companies spend time and resources to map their workforce and to give individuals these “novel insights”, and yet very little happens from it. For the upper echelon, executive coaches are able to utilize these insights in the 1:1 coaching programs they design. We are such big believers in coaching that we offer every one of our companies free coaching sessions to make sure they get the executive support they need. But what about for the rest of the company? How do you scale these insights effectively across an entire organization top to bottom?

Enter Cloverleaf, our newest portfolio company. We are pleased to be leading a $9M Series A financing in this fast growing, Cincinnati-based company led by co-founders Darrin Murriner and Kirsten Moorfield

Cloverleaf is a powerful coaching tool that unleashes people to do their best work, together. Cloverleaf’s technology sends personalized, meaningful coaching tips that leverage respected psychology data from assessments like DISC, Enneagram, and Strengthscope. With a few sentences a day, the company helps every person tap into their unique value, build understanding, and improve collaboration.

The power of Cloverleaf is in the micro-coaching and completely scalable nature of the product. It doesn’t try to overwhelm you up front with insights. Instead, it provides a snippet every day to reinforce certain key insights. And importantly, it doesn’t just provide an individual insights about themselves, but also about their teammates. By integrating into communication tools, email, and calendars, it meets the employee where they are, and can provide highly relevant insights for meetings and connections that are happening. 

Cloverleaf represents another investment in our “Future of Work” theme, an important component of the Digital Native economy. We have invested in many aspects of the employee life cycle and employment experience, including products aimed at gig and deskless workers.  

  • Fountain helps companies source, recruit, and onboard workers at scale
  • Blueboard is an experiential rewards and recognition platform
  • 15Five facilitates continuous performance feedback
  • Everee accelerates compensation payments to same day or next day
  • Anthill facilitates communication between employers and deskless workers
  • Fringe provides a marketplace of digital employee benefits

We’ve invested approximately $30M in a portfolio of ‘Workplace of the Future’ companies valued at nearly $2B. With an ongoing labor shortage and the movement toward distributed teams, we remain bullish on this investment theme.  

Cloverleaf helps to create a world where employees understand themselves and their colleagues, managers understand their reports, organizations understand their resources, and workers at all levels are given the insights and support they need to succeed. Why leave this to luck, when Cloverleaf is there to help. 

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